Next Work Group Meeting

on 6th June 2024 in Würzburg


clinical virological research

The working group was founded in 2007 as part of the regular laboratory directors’ meetings in Würzburg and is a forum for all physicians and scientists interested in clinical virology. Once a year we offer a workshop in Würzburg (following the laboratory directors’ meeting). The main topics are clinical-virological or diagnostic studies, case reports and current issues concerning the future direction of clinical virology, e.g. recruitment of young scientists. In addition to the training character, the workshops are intended to provide a platform for younger scientists to present their clinical-virological projects and to use the opportunity for diverse discussions in a smaller setting.

Organisers of the workshop

PD Dr. Tina Ganzenmüller
Institute of Medical Virology
University Hospital Tübingen
Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 6
72076 Tübingen

Dr. med. Philipp Steininger
Institute of Clinical and Molecular Virology
University Hospital Erlangen
Schlossgarten 4
91054 Erlangen