Next Meeting dates

Regularly every first Friday of the month

at 10:00 am

Online Education Circle

“Clinical and Diagnostic Virology”

Aim and Scope

Since the beginning of 2022, we, the Education Circle of the Clinical Virology Research Committee, are organizing a medical education meeting every first Wednesday of the month at 9 am. The aim of our events is to provide all physicians and Fachvirolog*innen with the opportunity to participate in joint continuing medical training. Our goal is to create an informal atmosphere that allows us to collectively fill our knowledge gaps and share personal experiences. In addition, we promote a wide network of clinical virology expertise during our meetings in order to improve collaboration and education in our fascinating area of expertise.


These meetings are held as live online seminars led by Fachärzt*innen (four meetings per year), while the remaining meetings (eight meetings per year) are led by peers in the presence of at least one Fachärzt*innen to ensure the highest standard of quality.


To date, we have covered a variety of medically and diagnostically relevant topics ranging from therapy for CMV infections to polio vaccination, diagnostic testing for respiratory diseases, and viral encephalitis. To achieve a more comprehensive educational spectrum, we also cover topics such as “working in non-university settings” (including established laboratories, industry, etc.).

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New members are always welcome in our circle! Currently, our circle counts more than 50 participants, from more than 20 sites in three countries. Please sign up here to attend upcoming meetings and access online educational content.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Theo Dähne, Andreas Osterman and Philipp Steininger for the Education Circle